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Roots of Empathy

Thank you to Melissa Schiach, the coordinator of The Roots of Empathy program.  Roots of Empathy or ROE is a program made possible through the partnerships of Roots of Empathy, Mundare School, and Family & Community Support Services, Lamont County Region.  ROE teaches children about feelings, their own feelings, and the feelings of others.  This year, baby Kylie and her Mom visited our Grade Two classroom.  We observed and cheered Kylie on as she developed and achieved milestones through her first year of life.  For more than ten years across Canada and internationally, thousands of children have learned respect and to care for one another with the lessons started through their contact with a ROE baby.  Thank you also to Kylie’s Mom for allowing us to share and cheer on with her all that baby Kylie accomplished!


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